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Birthday Q & A's

“Over the summer of 2023, we started an online booking system for our Birthday parties! Go to bowlnow.com and search for Sims Bowling Lanes, choose your package, pick your date, and fill out the rest of the info from there!”

“If you do not have the means to book online for whatever reason, we are certainly more than happy to book things from our end. Otherwise, we are asking everyone to do the booking themselves through the website.”

“Rescheduling is just a matter of giving us a call, telling us a new date (and/or time), and us moving things from there! No penalty if you are rescheduling. Our cancellation policy is that you have 21 days before your event to cancel without penalty. If it’s within the 21 day mark your pre-paid package is NON REFUNDABLE and we have the right to hold that amount for having held that time slot and lanes for you. That being said, if your situation is a rare/extreme case for cancelling, we can discuss things further to come up with a solution.”

“If that is your only means of paying, then we would need you to be here in person to pay at the same time that we book you. You would still be responsible for paying the package in its entirety.”

“For extra pizzas, you will just take care of that on the day of the event. We do ask that if you are planning to order platters that you do so through the confirmation email you will get from us shortly after booking your event. We would like at least 1 week notice for any platter add-ons.”

“Don’t worry, you can still add them in! You will just pay a per person rate of $10 for any bowlers above your prepaid amount. This price does not include additional pizza. These bowlers will be added to your existing lanes. We can open an additional lane given upon availability the day of the event with a minimum of 4 bowlers to open the next lane.”

“If you are thinking only 1 or 2 possibly extra, you can stick to the $10/bowler charge to cover their bowling. Or we can talk about our 7+ lanes “package” that uses our lounge area instead of the party rooms. This must be booked through us. You can check out our lounge flyer for more information.”

“You will be paying for your whole package in full upon reserving. Costs for extra bowlers, pizza, or other add-ons will be billed accordingly on the day of the party. The only extra fee you are paying upfront is the $3.00 fee that bowl now charges for their system. If you do not have any extras (bowlers, platters, pizza, etc.) on the day of your party, You will have nothing to pay at the end of your event!”

“Unfortunately with how our times/room use are staggered, as well as events after the parties are finished, we cannot accommodate any changes to the time frame for our parties.”

“Yes! If you are looking for a room, bowling, & pizza option that we include with our package, you are more than welcome to still book. When you receive your “confirmation email” just be sure to message back with info pertaining to your event/what it is.”

“No. We saved the lanes, prepped the pizza, and staffed according to what you initially booked for, and issuing any kind of refund will ultimately result in a loss for us.”