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Bowling Fun-raiser


Dear Activity Director/Fundraiser coordinator:

Oh no……it’s fundraiser time again. Usually that means door-to-door sales, tons of raffle tickets to get rid of, kids who don’t want to help and uncooperative weather when you suddenly need to be outside. Not this year! Sim’s Bowling Lanes in Beaver Falls wants to help break that bad habit. Fun-raising has never been so FUN!!

Why not invite everyone of every age (no experience necessary) to a laughter filled Bowl-a-Fun-raiser!! Everyone will feel like they got something for their money and you roll away with cash to grin about and not one new grey hair!

You reserve a time slot where your paying guests will receive:

  • Free rental shoes and free use of house balls of all weights
  • 2 hours of unlimited bowling fun (bumpers available for peewee bowlers)

All this for the charge of $10/per person. We will do all the work and collect all fees for you so that you too can enjoy the event.

When your 2 hours are over – you will receive either:

  • (1-50 guests): $3.00 /cash back per person before you walk out the door
  • (51-100 guests): $4.00/ cash back per person before you walk out the door
  • (100 or more): $5.00/ cash back per person before you walk out the door


What a fast, fun and easy way to make money for your organization. No stress or strain for you and everyone has a totally great time!

You can even plan a once-a-month event and continue to fundraise all season long while you smile and laugh the time away.


Call 724-843-9601 today to make your Bowl-a-Fun-raising plans come to life.

Ask for David or Shelley.

 Limited availability on event times September through April.

We will discuss available dates over the phone.