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The designer Erdem Moralioglu calls this her "characterful-ness," a sort of elfin energy that animates her beauty chloe online store. "In 20 years," he says, "we may look back at this era and think of Cara the same way we look back at the sixties and think of Jean Shrimpton." Karl Lagerfeld, chloe shop online the designer with whom she has become most closely identified, acknowledged her leavening effect on his industry when he called her "the Charlie Chaplin of the fashion world." (It was that most precious of Lagerfeld confections: a compliment chloe outlet online.)

Though DC wants her fit as a fiddle chloe outlet, Cara decides that a glass of red wine can't hurt. Perhaps it will ease the passage of all that veritas she seems intent on spilling. "I feel this desire to throw away the story I've been telling for years," she says, raising her glass chloe marcie bag sale. "Cheers—to a new story!"

The tale begins in the Belgravia neighborhood of London, in whose rows of white stucco houses aristocratic families live in the comforting proximity of families they have known for generations. Cara's father chloe marcie sale, Charles Delevingne, is a property developer, and though he did not grow up rich, his looks and charm got him invited everywhere. Her mother, Pandora, a London society beauty in her day, is the daughter of the late Sir Jocelyn Stevens, a publishing magnate, chloe paraty sale and Jane Sheffield, lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret and a charter member of the princess's Mustique set in the 1960s.

"I grew up in the upper class, for sure," says Cara, whose older sister Poppy, 29, is also a model, chloe bag sale while Chloe, 30, a scientist by training, has moved to the country to raise her children. "My family was kind of about that whole parties–and–horse racing thing. I can understand it's fun for some. I never enjoyed it." But it was Pandora's relapsing heroin addiction that may have been the defining fact of Cara's childhood. "It shapes the childhood of every kid whose parent has an addiction," she believes. "You grow up too quickly because you're parenting your parents. My mother's an amazingly strong person with a huge heart, and I adore her. But it's not something you get better from, I don't think chloe bags sale. I know there are people who have stopped and are fine now, but not in my circumstance. She's still struggling." (Pandora is currently working on a memoir—about her battle with addiction and the eighties London scene that formed its backdrop—which Cara says she has mixed feelings about.)

Now 22, Cara was a brooding little girl whose sisters excelled in school. She recalls spending an inordinate amount of time in the offices of mental health professionals whom, she admits, chloe bags on sale she tended to "screw with," saying the same things again and again, trying to get them so frustrated they'd fire her as a patient. At nine, she was told she had the reading ability of a sixteen-year-old. (Later, at sixteen, she was told she had the reading ability of a nine-year-old.) She suffered from dyspraxia, a problem with coordinating her thoughts and movements. Writing was always hard, exams a nightmare. After her sixth-form year, the Delevingnes sent her to Bedales, a posh but arty boarding school. "Totally hippie-dippy," sale cheap chloe 2015 she says. "If you had a Chanel bag there, you'd be bullied."

She immersed herself in drama and music chloe bags for cheap 2015. (Her parents had started her on drum lessons at age ten to help dissipate some of her inexhaustible energy.) But at fifteen, she fell into an emotional morass. "This is something I haven't been open about, but it's a huge part of who I am," she says. "All of a sudden I was hit with a massive wave of depression and anxiety and self-hatred, where the feelings were so painful that I would slam my head against a tree to try to knock myself out. I never cut, but I'd scratch myself to the point of bleeding chloe replica. I just wanted to dematerialize and have someone sweep me away."

She was placed on a cocktail of psychotropics—"stronger stuff than Prozac" is all she recalls. "I smoked a lot of pot as a teenager, but I was completely mental with or without drugs." She saw an armada of therapists, chloe bags replica none especially helpful. "I thought that if I wanted to act, I'd need to finish school, but I got so I couldn't wake up in the morning. The worst thing was that I knew I was a lucky girl, and the fact that you would rather be dead . . . you just feel so guilty for those feelings, and it's this vicious circle. Like, how dare I feel that way? So you just attack yourself some more replica chloe bag."

She dropped out, replica chloe bags promising her parents she would find a job. Her sister Poppy was already modeling, and Cara had been noticed by an agency executive whose daughter was a schoolmate. But modeling was a rough ride at first. She worked for a year before booking a paying job and paraded through two seasons of castings before landing her first runway show chloe bags replica. "The first time I walked into Burberry," she recalls, "the woman just said, 'Turn around, go away.' And all the test shoots with the pervy men. Never trust a straight photographer at a test shoot." Then, finally, she met Bur­berry's Christopher Bailey, who cast her in the company's spring 2011 campaign. At eighteen, she was a late bloomer relative to her model friends Karlie Kloss and Jourdan Dunn, who made their runway debuts in their mid-teens.

"I remember feeling so jealous when she and Jourdan first met," Kloss remembers. "Cara can create that kind of jealousy because she can make anyone fall in love with her. But it's misunderstanding her to think she's just the life of the party. Yes, she's the life of the party. But she's extremely serious about her work. And here's the thing: She is truly herself while being in the public eye—not easy to do replica chloe bags uk."

Her career hurtled out of the station. The lush, expressive caterpillars above her eyes shook the bushy brow awake from a three-decade hibernation, and on the runway, her half-upturned mouth, which seemed to suggest a mind dancing with naughty ideas, looked delicious within a sea of glazed, chloe bags cheap blank-looking beauties.

"The thing about Cara is that she's more than just a model—she stands for something in her generation's eyes," says Stella McCartney, who first met her at the Paris shows a few years ago. "She has a fearlessness about projecting what she stands for, which is so rare. In a certain sense she's brought back some of that energy you saw in the supermodel era, with Linda and Naomi. In our industry, cheap chloe bags people can be rather forced, not genuinely themselves. Cara would never pretend to be someone she's not, and she's not living her life for other people's approval."

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